Faradriel is a Beastmaster and collects bows, and pets. She loves black cats and hates not having a cat as a pet because she thinks that any combat pet that isn't a cat isn't good enough. Her love for Faradrim is immense, she often thinks that if he died, so would she. She raised and trained her lion, so she knows Drim very well. Faradrim is a smart cat and never leaves Faradriel's side.

But Faradriel, as a beastmaster owns a large number of other pets. She owns rabbits, snakes, birds, and even some exoctic ones like moths, a firefly, dragons and magical pets. Ald gave Fara for her birthday one year, a collection of dragon eggs that hatched into beautiful baby dragons. Faradriel started collecting dragons after that day, one of each color with cute names. Ald also gave her a firefly that he caught in Zangarmarsh, and a couple of months after that while Fara and Ald were crossing Zangarmarsh, they were followed by a big firefly that looked just like that little baby. Faradriel noticed it was her mother, that reconized her baby, and she tamed the mother so they could be together with Fara. She named them both Serenity. Ald also gave her a few cats to take care. Some of her pets she buys at the market, some she earns in competitions and others she adopts when she notices that they were left alone or are lost in the wild. Fara loves her animals.

She also loves to ride exotic animals. The Farstriders gave her a Hawkstrider, a special breed of tallstrider that are exclusive to the Blood Elves. She named him Telcontar, but traded him after a trip to the Barrens. Fara went to the Barrens during the summer to show Ald the place where Drim came from, and there she was, a wild Zhevra running. Fara tamed her and trained her to be her mount. She named it Zee, and has been riding her ever since. She also has a Blue Windrider called Wyvie, that she used to fly around in Draenor.