About the GuildEdit

Lore Keepers is a guild created by Faradriel and Aldauron for roleplay. This Gnomeregan Wiki was created by them to store character bios and stories. All bios and related stories follow the World of Wacraft's lore and history.

Ald and Fara's character bios strictly follow the lore and that is the main rule of the guild. They play alone because Gnomeregan is not a RP realm. The idea of creating new characters in a new realm, and level them from one again, making money and storing items all over again, made them create a RP guild in a non RP server.

This all started when Fara asked Bron to teach her about the lore, and how to roleplay. Ald roleplays since forever and knows the lore pretty well. He also knows the DnD and Tokien lore and that started a joke that became the guild ranks. Ald and Fara both like Nightwish and one of the their songs is called Wishmaster. Tuomas Holopainen, keyboardist and songwriter of the band is a wishmaster - a person who knows everything about Tolkien's Lord of the Rings and Dungeons and Dragon lore - like Ald knows. The lyrics talk about both Lord of the Rings and DnD, and the evolution of how the poet (Tuomas) becomes a wishmaster. Under the wishmaster is the disciple and because of that Fara made a joke that since Ald knows the lore so well, he is the wishmaster and since she is learning it from him she is a disciple. Lore Keepers guild ranks have the same ranks as the lyrics of that song.

World ExploreEdit

Ald and Fara set out to explore the world for the explore achievements. Because they would have to walk around everywhere anyway, they decided to take picture in front of everything related to the lore, pop culture or simply nice places. Most players pass by lore related objects and never notice. The idea is to show them in the pictures along with the fun pop culture NPCs and objects.

You can see the photos by continent.

  • Azeroth
  • Outlands

Studying the lore while seeing it is way more fun!